Standing By
Tammy Wynette . . .

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Exerpt from the play, Act I

(Tammy performs Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad.  Donna sings harmony.  Tammy exits.  Donna continues speaking.)

Singing on the road and full time travel soon became a way of life for us. I would open the show for Tammy by doing a few solo numbers like 'Ode to Billy Joe' and then sing backup once Tammy came out on stage. I often did rehearsals with the band for Tammy, and even learned how to fix hair. Tammy would show me how to do her hair and that also became one of my jobs. One time, dad bought her a ponytail hairpiece for about $7, which she wore behind her real big backcombed hair . . .


Our first tour bus was an old one that George Jones sold us for $2,000. The bus wasn’t anything fancy, as it didn't have any running water, kitchen, bath or shower, no air conditioning and no heat! It was just a stripped down shell with a few old bunk beds and a room in the back for dad and Tammy to have some privacy.
Often, we had a show in one city and then the next night another, so we had no time to stop and get a motel room to rest and clean up properly, even if we wanted to.
When we needed to get cleaned up for our next show, we would stop at a Standard gas station. They had the cleanest rest rooms back then.   Tammy and I would be in the gas station bathroom, bathing in the sink, washing our hair, shaving our legs, laughing and talking our heads off and other customers would come in and look at us like we were homeless.  We were sort of.  Back then, I could lift my leg up on a sink, now; well we won’t go into that.  But those people seeing two women bathing, little did they know they were practically rubbing elbows with the future First Lady of Country Music. . . .

So we flew for 8 hours heading to Europe.  That plane lifted off and good bye old USA and hello to adventure!  And guess who was flying on that same plane?  It just happened to be the Bee Gee’s! (We hear the theme Staying Alive from a recording or the band.)  They were returning home from their big US tour.  And Tammy and I talked and talked to them, flirting and getting their autographs.  Barry was my favorite one; he was so handsome and sweet.  They got off the plane in England and we flew on and opened our first show in Frankfort, Germany.  (End Bee Gee’s music.)

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