Standing By
Tammy Wynette . . .

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Audience Comments . . .

"I attended yesterday's performance with family and wanted you to know that all of us thoroughly enjoyed the show.  The level of talent was exceptional and exciting.  My initial comments are that I would pay more for this level of entertainment and lastly, the personal interaction with the performers after the show was a nice surprise.  Thank you very much and just wanted you to know my thoughts."

"The show was absolutely incredible. Those women have beautiful voices. The girl who played Tammy so well and "Donna" had the biggest challenge ever-with the real life Donna sitting in the audience. What a show! Excellent, excellent, excellent." DH

"This show is great, I would go every night in April if I could, thank you, it is our world!!!!  The singers are so good, it is like you were there in that time frame, what an experience for you to have her for a step-mother and getting to travel with Tammy. You sing very good too, I was glad that you came on stage and sang with
Charelle and the girl who was playing Tammy, that was awesome, the three of you. CAN'T SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS WONDERFUL SHOW! LET THE WHOLE WORLD SEE IT AND HEAR THE WONDERFUL MUSIC. It is to be seen and heard."  PL

"To Renaissance Theatre:  Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I very much enjoyed your recent production of 'Standing by Tammy'. We had seen your production of the Patsy Cline story a few years ago and found that to be well done. We wondered a bit how the Tammy story would be done since it was locally written but didn't have to worry as you did an excellent job. The story line flowed nicely.  Charelle Hudgins did an outstanding job as Donna Chapel respectively and the small orchestra was wonderful and added  the perfect touch.  All in all it was a delightful evening. Kudo's to Renaissance Theatre!"
Signed, C.T.

"Took my 83 yo Grandmother to this show tonight and WOW, what a show! I can't wait to see it again. This was an excellent show and a well written story. Thanks so much!" 
Signed: SSR

"Thanks for putting on the show Standing by Tammy, it was outstanding and heart-warming and the singers were better that any that I have heard, " Signed PL

"Really enjoyed the show, incredible talented singers and musicians.  Have seen several performances of different plays in Nashville - none were better than this production." AN

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