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Get ready for success . . .

In producing this entertaining musical, the set can be as simple or complex as you want to design.  The lighting can also be an easy set up for your theatre group to accomplish. 

Above:  Set suggestion for Standing By Tammy, 27' wide, 12' deep.  Set design by Robert Riddle Baker

Tammy  - She mostly sings the songs but has a few lines.  There can be as many as 14 costume changes to take us through time, many can be obtained in thrift stores plus you have our production pictures available on this site or from a special CD to use as inspiration.  Approximately 6 wig changes, some simple as adding a long pony tail. 

Donna Chapel - should be in her mid thirties/fourties.  She narrates the story and sings several songs.  Has approximately 6 costume changes and three wig changes.  Actress should be able to project energy to the audience, with some good timing on the material and a down to earth presence.

Radio Announcer/George - a band member with a few lines who also sings with Tammy on all the Jones/Houston duets. Although he plays at least 3 male characters, it can be done with different hats and coats. Don Chapel being the most flashy country/western style coat. 

For our production, we used a combination of live and custom recorded music. We have a CD with our music available for your use, a live band is also suggested! 

The show is full of down home country humor that our audiences loved.  Please visit our audience response page to read their comments.

We used wigs, makeup and costumes and lighting to move the story forward in time beginning in 1967.  There are approximately 14 costume changes suggested for Tammy.  Donna has approximately 1/2 that amount.  Many of our costumes were vintage clothing found at estate sales and thrift stores in the area.

Show is only 2 hours long including the 15 minute intermission.  Our audiences loved the show, many returned for a second look during our 20 night run.
If you had success with Always Patsy Cline . . .

Now available for production in your venue!  This show played to sold out audiences in Huntsville, Alabama.  If you had success with Always Patsy Cline, get ready for more with this show offering an intimate look at the First Lady of Country Music throught the eyes of someone who shared that spotlight with her from the very beginning. This hot off the press bio-musical is based on a personal true story beginning in 1967 . . . as told by her then step daughter Donna Chapel.  For approximately two years, Donna, who was 14 at the time and her father Don were part of the rising career of Tammy Wynette.  Donna sang onstage and harmony on the early recordings, her dad shared the stage with Tammy, singing duets with her and acted as her road manager. 

On the cusp of becoming the First Lady of Country Music, Tammy left both of them and teamed up with George Jones. The years following that painful breakup and divorce, Donna kept in touch with Tammy while she raised her own family, eventually returning to her singing career. Standing By Tammy is the moving story of these early beginnings taking the audience from 1967 to 1998, exploring the tours, travels and tribulations of standing in the shadow of Wynette. 
Left, Donna Chapel today.

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